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Homepage vs. Landing Pages – Striking a Balance

One of the things I love about my Marketing job here, at PromotionStep, is that I'm constantly learning. Everything internet-related seems to continually, rapidly evolve (consider recent changes in design methods, standards and styles; online marketing techniques;...

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How PPC And SEO Work Together

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are two separate strategies, right? Well… not exactly. Whilst the two are, of course, different components of digital marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns and efforts complement each other in many ways. In fact,...

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Are AdWords And PPC The Same Thing?

Placing keyword-specific adverts online can be one of the most powerful modern marketing strategies employed by businesses, both large and small. However, the world of search engine marketing (commonly referred to as SEM) can be filled with industry-specific buzzwords...

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Float Digital Is Officially a RAR Recommended Agency!

If you follow Float Digital on social media *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*, you'll know we've had lots of exciting news recently. We've appointed a Social Media and Digital Marketing agency, we've been featured on Search Engine Watch, and we're working with CIM to deliver...

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How To Generate Natural Backlinks With Content Marketing

One of the biggest SEO ranking factors are backlinks from other websites, it’s a common strategy to actively outreach to other websites and ask for a link in exchange something of value like a guest post. A strategy less frequently used is to create content on your...

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Choosing The Best SEO Freelancer For Your Business

A good option for anyone who is looking at creating and enhancing online presence would be to hire the services of a SEO freelancer. You can decide which parts of the job you would like to outsource to a freelancer. There are many benefits of hiring a person like this...

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