3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis has evolved to be a much wanted skill. Many SEO specialists spend hours (and even days) analysing backlinks for their customers. This is because Google gives a penalty to websites with poor backlinks. Backlink evaluation is a structured process which revolves around plenty of analysis and cleanup.


What is a Link?

So, how does a web link look like? If page-1 clicks on a link to page-2, then page-1 suggests that page-2 is a good webpage. The only complication in this situation would be the “nofollow tag”. By definition, the “nofollow” tag allows users to add links to a page without passing a vote when a user clicks on the link.


Why are Links Important?

Links are extremely important in an online setting. They are quite similar to votes.  And, these “votes” are used by search engines to decide if a page is good or not. If you want your webpage to enjoy high ranks, it should secure the right type of links. A lot of web developers believe that any link is worth having in your website.

However, all links are not the same. Some links can have a bigger and stronger impact on your website. This is why you should secure plenty of heavy (worthy) in your website. Luckily, it is very easy to secure the right kind of links.

All that you should do is create something that can be linked and is worth linking too! This is straightforward process that requires lots of thinking, planning, proper research, hard work and a pinch of creativity.

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