Case Studies

Sati Design

Increased Sati Design’s online visibility through data-driven SEO techniques, resulting in a 1,342% uplift in impressions, 321% increase in clicks, 128.9% increase in new users, and visibility for 780 new keyphrases. Rankings increased 1,701 positions for 73 terms, delivering improved search visibility and customer engagement in just three months.



MHF Creative

Boosted website traffic & conversions for client MHF Creative with a data-led SEO approach. The three-month campaign saw a 72% increase in user traffic and 800%+ increase in conversions. New keywords boosted visibility, the website ranked 30,169 positions higher, including 1st place for “video production services,” “corporate video production”.


Conversion uplift

SaaS PPC and SEO Client

Float Digital used a combined PPC and SEO strategy to help a new tech industry SaaS client increase online visibility and results. The campaign targeted performing keywords, improved copy, and focused on improving user experience to increase conversions. The results were a 400% ROI for PPC and 25% organic traffic increase and 20% engagement increase for SEO.


Positive ROI

Dermatology PPC Client

By optimising the campaign for the right keywords, ad placements, and ad copy, we were able to drive more qualified website traffic for Swiss based dermatology practice. The campaign resulted in a 200% positive ROAS, achieved through efficient spending to maximise revenue while minimising costs. CTR increased from 1.5% to 7.5%, over 5x higher than before, showing the significant impact of our expertise.



Holiday Cottage PPC Client

Float Digital supported leading coastal holiday cottage company improve their PPC campaign with cost-effective strategies, resulting in a 300% ROAS. Ongoing efforts increased further increased ROAS to a range of 1,500% to 2,800%. Additionally, Float Digital significantly improved CTR, increasing from 1.2% to 8.5%, which generated a substantial increase in qualified traffic to the website.



RIBA Architect PPC Client

Our data-driven approach optimised leading RIBA Architects PPC campaign resulting in a remarkable 300% return on ad spend. Ongoing efforts led to a ROAS range of 1,200% to 2,500%, improving revenue and search visibility. CTR increased from 0.76% to a healthier 6.53%, demonstrating our significant impact on the success of their campaign.



Skincare PPC Client

Our data-driven approach helped a fast-growing skincare brand achieve a ROAS of 275% by focusing on high-performing keywords and ad placements, reducing ineffective spend, and improving ad copy to increase CTR. The client’s CTR increased to 4.53%, and revenue increased significantly, demonstrating the significant impact our expertise had on the success of their PPC campaign.



Eco Swimwear PPC Client

Our ROI-driven approach produced impressive results for a leading eco swimwear brand. We achieved a ROAS of 350% by optimising their PPC campaign with cost-effective strategies that increased revenue and improved search visibility. CTR soared from 0.8% to 7.5%, demonstrating the significant impact of our expertise making a significant impact to their bottom line.



Furniture Ecommerce PPC and SEO Client

Float Digital used a combined PPC and SEO strategy to increase online presence for an online furniture store. By targeted high-performing keywords, optimised ad copy and improved user experience, we were able to achieving a 350% ROI for PPC and a 67% increase in organic traffic and increased organic engagement by 25%, which had a positive impact on transactions.



Web Design SEO Client

Leading web design agency approached Float Digital to support them in moving their outdated website to a new platform without impacting their SEO performance. Our comprehensive migration plan and one-off SEO optimisation package delivered impressive results, with a 95% increase in organic traffic and a 103% increase in revenue within just six months.



Boutique Gift Ecommerce PPC Client

Float Digital increased visibility and drove organic growth for a boutique gift store by using a data-driven approach to target high-performing keywords and ad placements, reduce ineffective spend, and improve ad relevance to increase CTR. Results included a 300% ROAS, a range of 1,200% to 2,500%, and a CTR increase from 0.75% to 6.25%, driving qualified traffic and revenue.



Luxury Hotel SEO Client

Float Digital’s data-driven SEO solution helped a luxury hotel increase organic traffic by 120% and direct bookings by 45% within six months. Over 80% of the targeted keywords ranked on the first page, and the website’s domain authority increased, resulting in a stronger online presence. Our approach focused on sustainable solutions to generate more qualified traffic and bookings.



Award Winning Photographer PPC Client

A multi-award-winning photography business approached Float Digital to enhance their online presence and generate leads. Float Digital optimised their PPC campaign, resulting in a ROAS of 200%, which later improved to 1,000 – 2,000%. Additionally, they increased the business’s CTR from 0.5% to 4.5%, leading to more qualified traffic and leads.



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