Chesterfield Couture

SEO Case Study

The Challenge

Chesterfield Couture offer a comprehensive range of superb leather Chesterfield furniture, designed to compliment every type of home décor from classic traditional styles to the latest contemporary furnishing idiom.

Unfortunately the brand was hit by a Google manual penalty, and as a result both search rankings and organic traffic suffered tremendously. Chesterfield Couture came to Float Digital in 2016 with the aim to lift the existing penalty and resume their position within the search engine results pages.

On a limited budget, Chesterfield Couture needed to increase their visibility in search engines, drive more organic traffic and yielder higher conversions. Investing in SEO and improving their natural search visibility would mean they could decrease their PPC budget whilst still driving traffic organically.

The Solution

We performed a backlink analysis to identify the toxic links pointing towards the Chesterfield Couture website. Once we established all the unhealthy links we made an effort to remove the links and submitted a disavow file to Google Search Console along with a reconsideration request to the Google Web Spam team. The request was approved and the penalty was lifted shortly after.

It was crucial to execute keyphrase research to ensure that we steered the SEO campaign in the right direction. Once a set of keyphrases were define, the website was optimised to its full potential and tracking was enabled. This allowed us to regularly check the campaign progress.

Once a solid SEO foundation was established for Chesterifld Couture, we focused our energy on high-quality link building and creative content.

Increased Search Visibility by 657%


Backlink Analysis

We examined thousands of backlinks in order to identify the unhealthy links that were potentially damaging Chesterfield Couture’s  visibility.

Google Penalty Removal

Once we found the poor quality links pointing to the Chesterfield Couture website, we removed the URLs and submitted a disavow file and submitted a detailed reconsideration request outling our efforts.

Keyphrase Audit

Shortly after the penalty was lifted, we conducted keyphrase research to understand what terms potential buyers are using in Google search.

Onpage Optimisaton

The website was optimised to its full potential from both a technical and creative perspective, directed by the keyphrase research.

Link Building

We began building quality links, in-line with Google Quality Guidelines, to the Chesterfield Couture website in order to increase authority.

The Results Were Amazing

Chesterfield Couture didn’t rank within the top 100 results for their high-priority keyphrases, but we changed that in just 1 month, and we increased their visibility by 657% for a pool of targeted keyphrases in 6 months. Cumulatively, these keyphrases receive 111,260 searches a month in the UK.

Chesterfield Couture continue to receive a stream of organic traffic and yield significantly more conversions from these relevant and high-search volume terms, now they’re appearing at the top of Google search.

Keyphrase Ranking Report
Keywords Jul 7, 2016 Dec 1, 2016 Change
Chesterfields <100 9 91 +
Chesterfield Sofa <100 10 90 +
Chesterfield Sofa UK <100 18 82 +
Chesterfield Furniture From England <100 19 81 +
Chesterfield Style Chair <100 21 79 +
Chesterfield Chairs 91 13 78 +
Chesterfield Sofas 85 8 77 +
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