Float Digital win Rising Star Award for Search Marketing, Corporate Excellence Awards

Float digital is delighted to announce that we have won a Rising Star Award for Search Marketing Excellence in 2018. The award is one of the many delivered by Corporate Vision magazine as part of their Corporate Excellence awards to celebrate incredible achievements by companies, large and small in the UK.

Corporate Vision is constantly looking to showcase the best and brightest companies on the market that deserve recognition and are keen to celebrate individual achievements by the people driving those businesses forward.

As well as searching for companies with a general level of achievement, the awards are designed to search for an innovative business that have boosted their performance to new levels and become champions in every sector.

Float Digital win Rising Star Award for Search Marketing, Corporate Excellence Awards

How we were chosen

Any company and individual can be nominated for these awards, potentially by satisfied customers and clients. We are thrilled to see that our level of service has been recognised as we always aim to deliver a transparent service that provides the best solution for every business owner.

After being nominated, votes are chosen by industry partners as well as an in-house research team of corporate specialist and industry insiders. The awards celebrate the achievements of the company over the past twelve months and works hard to make sure that only the most deserving firms are provided the prestigious trophies. Float Digital is proud to have been nominated and are delighted to have won after working hard to deliver the best possible solution and service to our clients.


Our award-winning service

At Float Digital we work hard to deliver the ultimate level of service to our customers and do strive for search marketing excellence. Providing everything from content marketing and creation to local SEO, PPC service and organic search solutions, we have helped numerous clients growing their customer base and build up their brand.

While still a young company, we have worked hard over the past year to build up a solid service, ensuring clients always get nothing less than their best for their business campaigns. We are honoured that this service has been recognised at such a prestigious event.


About the UK Excellence Awards

The UK Excellence Awards were created to acknowledge and celebrate the best companies across the UK in all industries and sectors including online marketing. In 2018, CV Magazine recognised that the UK economy had seen fantastic levels of success, hitting fresh highs. The awards this year celebrated the high standards companies continued to provide to clients and customers even in the face of future economic uncertainty.

The rising star award we are delighted to accept recognises outstanding achievement by businesses in their particular sector. Pioneers for search marketing in all its forms, we will continue to deliver on the promise of this award, pushing our services to exciting new levels in the future. We have great plans for the rest of 2018 into the new year and are ready to take our clients brands to the next level on the UK and international market.

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