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Google penalties can act as a major setback for your business, this is why it is vital that you take quick action to remove Google penalty in order to recover your organic search rankings at the earliest. 

Handling a Google Penalty the smart way!

If you’ve been penalised, just remain calm and make use of the right tools in order to get back in the game and continue to get high SEO rankings. Our Google penalty removal service will help you to get out, and then stay out of this Google penalty box. In this modern era, all online businesses depend on organic traffic for virtual success. A good amount of on-page traffic can do wonders to your business. 

Unfortunately, the process of achieving high traffic is easy said than done. Achieving top Google ranks is a challenging process. That is why you should hire the right SEO experts. These professionals will help you build successful websites that fall in line with Google’s guidelines. Always bear in mind that serious problems will occur if your website doesn’t have the high quality links or content. 

As a result, your Google ranks can drop. To make things worse Google may penalise your website for its poor quality. Voila, doesn’t this sound traffic? Recovering from “Google Penalty” is as difficult as it sounds. Before you think of how to recovery from a Google Penalty, you should understand what it is. 

Types of Google Penalties

There are several different types of Google penalties:

Manual Google Penalty

Manual penalty is one of the most difficult decisions to make. As suggested by its name, the penalty is offered by Google’s exquisite spam team. Very rarely does this team get into action.

The team penalises websites for the use of negative SEO and black hat SEO methods. Website developers and SEO experts are advised to monitor their backlinks. If they want to avoid potential issues, they must follow all search engine guidelines.


Algorithmic Google Penalty

Algorithm penalty is a common method used by Google to penalise websites. This method penalises websites automatically. Algorithms like Penguin and Panda are responsible for penalising sites.

Each algorithm takes care of something specific. For example, it would check if the website is mobile friendly, optimised with anchor, has unique content and is absolutely fresh. When you design a website, it should be prepared to handle these checks. 

What is a Google Penalty?

When it comes to search engine optimisation algorithms, Google is a leader. Every year, the brand comes up with new algorithms. Some of Google’s SEO algorithms would be Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin. These algorithms evaluate and rank websites. In addition to these algorithms, the company takes many straight forward decisions on web pages.

These decisions are based on the link building tactics used by the web page developer. “Link building and keyword stuffing” worked well in 2010. However, things have changed drastically. Poor SEO methods have caused lots of problems to businesses today. If your website’s overall traffic dropped suddenly, it could be because of Google! Google’s algorithms may have penalised you!

If you are found to be buying links to your website, you can be removed from Google completely.

If an image hosted on your website appears differently in a search on Google Images, you can receive a manual penalty for a “mismatch.”

70-80% of users ignore the paid ads at the top of Google, and instead focus on the organic results.

Your website can be penalised for a single keyword, and kept from ranking for said keyword, while everything else appears normal.

Google Penalty Case study

After being hit with a Google Penalty, Chesterfield Couture didn’t rank within the top 100 results for their high-priority keyphrases, but we changed that in just 1 month, and we increased their visibility by 657% for a pool of targeted keyphrases in 6 months. Cumulatively, these keyphrases receive 111,260 searches a month in the UK.

On a limited budget, Chesterfield Couture needed to increase their visibility in search engines, drive more organic traffic and yielder higher conversions. Investing in SEO and improving their natural search visibility would mean they could decrease their PPC budget whilst still driving traffic.

Read the case study here.

How Can a Google Penalty Affect Your Website?

Google penalties can do drastic things to your website and business. As mentioned previously, you will see a sudden drop in traffic and low ranks. If you have long term business goals and revenues that depend on SEO, you will be deeply affected. Here are few common effects of a Google Penalty:

Google will show a warning message on your dashboard.


Some or all of your web pages will be de-indexed.

Your web pages and organic traffic will begin to decrease.

Recovering from a Google Penalty

Luckily, you can recovery from Google penalties. SEO experts can help you with step-by-step instructions on how to handle a google penalty. According to experts, the following changes should be done in your website.

In order to remove a Google penalty, it is important to understand your own link profile well. The use of link intelligence tools that will help identify and analyse the link profile of your as well as your competitors’ sites. Bad backlinks are the reason behind many Google penalties, that’s why you need such tools to clean up the backlink profile of your site. You will also get a detailed report on anchor text along with red flags to denote for over-optimisation and such other problems.

#1 Analyse and present your data
First of all, you must collect details of your backlinks. Backlinks are links found in different pages that map or point to your website. Webmaster tool links can be used to identify backlinks. Few other ways to spot backlinks would be through Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO. It could be that, Google wants you to remove a majority of bad backlinks and not all of them. 

Next, you should document everything in your website. Try to create separate spreadsheets for each page. The spreadsheet will help you understand where you stand in the backlink removal process. It will be very useful when you are ought to place a request to Google. Google will be able to identify the changes you have made and decide if the penalty can be removed. During the work, spreadsheets may seem like lots of data. This is why you should hire SEO experts. They will help you go through the process smoothly and effectively. 

#2 Removal of bad links
Link removal can be a daunting process. However, this is an important step in getting rid of a Google penalty. When you remove links, you should be very careful. Make sure you don’t remove any good links. It is very difficult to build good links. These links need lots of thought and effort. By removing the good links, your hard work will go for nothing! The best way to remove links is through manual review. 

If a link is of high quality and good, you should record it in your spreadsheet. “Never” remove such links. Luckily, it is easy to differential good links from the bad ones. Once you get the inbound link analysis as well as detailed backlink reports, you will know the overall quality of various domains involved. You will also know about unnatural backlinks. For example, a link that comes from Guardian or BBC News will be of high quality and authoritative. These links don’t have to be removed – an SEO Consultant will be able to asses these links for you. 

#3 Submitting 
As get rid of bad links and poor content from the web pages, you should improve your website, include promising content in your site. After this, you should launch a reconsideration request and/or a disavow file. This is the final and most critical part in recovering from a Google penalty. We’ll submit a disavow file to Google instructing them to ignore the negative backlinks that may be damaging your rankings, that you could remove in the previous step. If you’ve received a manual Google penalty, as opposed to a algorithmic Google penalty, then we’ll submit a reconsideration request, too. 

With the reconsideration request, Google’s Web Spam team will take a look into your website. They will take all necessary steps to evaluate and rectify the state of your site. This process can take from few days to several months. Thus, you should wait patiently for Google’s response. When you work with SEO experts, you can expect a 100% success rate. The SEO experts will make sure all necessary steps to ensure the Google penalty is lifted.

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