How Much Does Professional SEO Services Cost?

Alright, you are hunting for SEO services and are quite confused about its prices. Almost all business owners spend a considerable amount of money on search engine optimisation. They believe that their web world requires SEO to stay alive and active! However, the question “How much do SEO services cost” is a famous and an important one.

#1 Monthly Retainer

SEO services can be classed into several different types of payment models. Renowned companies offer their services in four different forms. The most common one would be the “Monthly Retainer” scheme. In this scheme, customers should pay a fix price every month in exchange for a set of services. The monthly retainer model is extremely famous because it offers high return on investment. The model provides interesting features like keyword research, on-site content improvements, regular analytic checks, press releases and optimisation.


#2 Contract Services

Next would be the contract services. Many SEO agencies sell contract services. Before customers opt for a monthly retainer scheme, they are likely to choose contract services. The contract services are often advertised on the SEO agency’s website along with a fixed price. Most contract services include competitive analysis of the website’s strengths and weaknesses. Some agencies provide a list of keywords that can promise high ROIs.


#3 Project Based

Project-based pricing is quite similar to contract services. However, there is a small exception here! Custom projects are designed carefully for clients. Prices differ from one project to another. For instance, a local restaurant owner may request the SEO company to help with local online marketing strategies. The owner may decide to create social media networking accounts. This is when the SEO company decides to scope its services and costs around social media networking. You should be very careful when you choose project-based services. Make sure the SEO agency agrees to cover all your requirements.


#4 Hourly Consultation

Last but certainly not least, you can go for an hourly consultation. As suggested by its name, you should pay on an hourly basis in exchange for information or services.


The Verdict

What makes SEO services interesting is that some customers are a part of all these four models! For example, they begin with an hourly consultation, admire the company’s services and opt for “Contract Service”. With time, they choose the monthly retainer scheme and then engage in special project activities. Doesn’t this sound interesting? Regardless of the SEO services you pick, make sure the agency covers all your requirements and is reasonably priced.

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