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If you own a small business and wish to gain more traffic and increased sales, PPC services are an essential feature that you cannot afford to ignore. While the concept is simple, making the most of it can be a rather daunting prospect. Don’t panic – we can maximise your efficiency!

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of internet marketing aimed to boost your digital presence through paid sponsored ad spaces. However, rather than paying to show the advert, you are only charged when somebody clicks the advert to open up your site.

Ultimately, in contrast to organic SEO, this model is built to help you buy your way to increased traffic. Moreover, it targets demographics that are actively searching for businesses just like yours. You’re essentially buying new customers who already show interest in your product or service!


Customers trust websites that top Google’s search results!


Drive more traffic improving your sales and leads.


Clients are searching for you! Make sure you can be found


Why Does Your Business Need PPC?

Every online business should look to incorporate PPC advertising into its marketing strategy. Some of its key selling points are;


  • Far quicker results than organic methods.
  • Payments are based on clicks, ensuring increased budget efficiency.
  • Adverts are shown in prominent spaces, boosting profile and trustworthiness.
  • Budget limits can be set to cap spending.
  • Campaign performances are easily tracked and adjusted.


Our PPC services are carefully designed to suit your specific business needs, achieving each of those benefits and so much more.


What Type Of Pay Per Click Ads Are Available?


Pay Per Click is a term that covers a wide spectrum of different advertising. In reality, you’ve seen them all during your own online interactions, even if you don’t always realise it. Specialising in Google Adwords, Here are just some of the areas where our PPC services can boost your company’s visibility.


Google Paid search advertising
Let’s face it; most people use Google to find services and products. More importantly, most users click one of the first few pages displayed. By paying for the best locations on page one, users that have searched for the related keywords will soon swarm your website.  

Google Display advertising
Those banners seen at the top or sidebars of a website are an eye-catching tool that can bring traffic to the site. With the PPC model, it doesn’t matter if users click on the first or 101st time of seeing the ad. Even if they don’t click, the brand stays fresh in their mind.  

Google Remarketing advertising
Have you ever looked at a pair of jeans online, and then noticed them all over the internet? Have you ever looked at a service online, and then had an advert appear on a totally different site with a discount for that same service? That’s remarketing! We can target users who have shown an interest in your brand, or who we think could be great clients, and show them targeted ads that will bring them straight to you.

Google Shopping Advertising
If you have an E-Commerce site, but you haven’t yet embraced the Google shopping ads, you need to act fast! Google takes a feed of all your products and individually places bids to get them in front of potential customers, showing the most relevant items you have on offer when they mot need them. 


There are plenty of secondary types of PPC advertising. With our PPC services, your company can successfully hit them all.  

How Can We Help Maximise Your PPC Results?


Our PPC services are tailored to your business brand and place in the market to deliver fantastic results time and time again. Our offerings include;  

Finding the best types of PPC for your business.  Writing engaging ad copy and designing visuals to generate clicks.  Efficient bidding to make your budget work harder. Target clicks to a range of pages, ranging from home pages to specific products.   

Reaching your goals has never been so easy.

Ready to see your sales sky-rocket and your web traffic soar? Get in touch!

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