Content Marketing and Creation

Create mind-blowing content that feeds the hungry search engine beast whilst increasing your SEO success and authority, as well as providing genuine value to your customers. 

If you’re not content marketing, you’re losing money, fact. 


Did you know that around thirty million pieces of content are shared worldwide DAILY? Content marketing done right is one of the quickest, most authentic and engaging ways to reach potential customers whilst also amplifying your brand’s values and messages and increasing your search engine rankings faster than you can say BOO!

So a solid content marketing plan is as essential part of your overarching digital marketing strategy if you want your brand to perform. It’s a noisy marketplace and busy consumers have short attention spans. Grab their attention and improve your search rankings with search-engine-friendly content that’s sharable, likeable and informative. Google likes to call it E-A-T…educational, authoritative and trustworthy.

But you’re busy doing what you do best, right? Running your business…

Let us help you tell your brand story, be seen by the right consumers and improve your search engine rankings at the same time. Killer content is what we do best! And we can also help it reach the dizzy heights of added value visibility you’ve only dreamed of. What does this mean for you? Engaged customers and as part of your wider SEO strategy, a site that outranks competitors with ease.

Expert Content Marketing and Producton, driven by cold, hard data. 

Where are your customers when they buy from you or consume your content? Do you know what devices your target audiences are viewing on? At Float, we can help you answer those questions and covert those browsers to cold hard bucks in the bank!

Like most brands, your customers are likely to browse on-the-go and on desktop at different stages of the purchase cycle. Content consumption is constantly shape-shifting, and Float Digital is always ahead of the curve, making sure we’re keeping out clients where they want to be. At the top of page one.

Before we even begin to create a content marketing plan, we’ll carry out a comprehensive data driven audit that pins down your current consumer and target audience behaviours and browsing habits. And create a content plan that’s perfectly tailored to their needs.

Reaching your business goals is easy with Float Digital
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