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Uh-oh, been de-listed or demoted? At Float Digital we don our superhero cape and come to the rescue with our Google penalty recovery services. You’ll be back on top in no time. 

What is a Google Penalty?


If you’ve noticed that your site has recently lost rankings impacting sales and traffic, there’s a good chance you’ve been affected by a Google Penalty. Like most brands, the first instinct is to panic. Fret not, Float’s Google penalty recovery services have got this, with a 100% track record in penalty removal. We know, impressive huh? 

Holding a share of around 90% of all web search traffic, market-leading powerhouse Google is super protective of their excellent reputation. Consumers trust Google to provide the most relevant and useful search results, so they adopt a no-nonsense approach to spam and black hat SEO. They’re known for taking quick and often brutal action if they suspect a brand isn’t behaving with integrity online.

Unfortunately, well meaning businesses who lack in-depth SEO expertise can inadvertently fall foul of Google penalties, leading to demotion in search engine rankings at best, or complete site delisting at worst. For businesses that rely on on-line trade, this can have disastrous consequences for their bottom line!

Types of Google Penalties

Not all Google Penalties are the same. Don’t worry if you don’t know which you’ve been hit with yet. That’s our job. And our approach for removing the penalty will vary depending on which type you’ve incurred.  

Manual Google Penalty

Manual penalties are a bit rarer than automatic algorithm penalties but Google’s spam team do have the power to manually review and issue penalties to websites if they believe they are in breach of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. If your brand is suspected of deploying negative or black hat SEO tools, they’ll issue a manual penalty that can be difficult to remove without the expertise of an SEO expert. Which is where Float Digital come in. 


Algorithmic Google Penalty

Algorithm penalties are much more common than manual penalties, with Google issuing penalties automatically as they crawl your site pages. The most well-known algorithm changes are Google Penguin and Google Panda, which were introduced in 2011 and 2012. These took a hard stance on black hat SEO tactics, hammering down on manipulative back link tactics or over optimised on-page content. Sound complex? Talk to us!

Google Penalty Recovery Services 

Just as Google are protective of their reputation and bottom line, we know your business is your baby too. We understand that it can be scary and overwhelming to be hit with a Google penalty, seemingly undoing all of your hard work, SEO wins and digital marketing efforts.

Google constantly tweak their algorithms and busy marketing generalists can be forgiven for not keeping up with the latest changes to their super secret magic formula. Thankfully as the experts in all things SEO, Float Digital can help when the worst happens. Our Google Penalty Recovery Services can help reinstate your good name and upskill you with the tools you need to ensure you don’t fall foul again. Contact us today to find out more…


If you are found to be buying links to your website, you can be removed from Google completely.

If an image hosted on your website appears differently in a search on Google Images, you can receive a manual penalty for a mismatch.

70-80% of users ignore the paid ads at the top of Google, and instead focus on the organic results.

Your website can be penalised for a single keyword, and kept from ranking for said keyword, while everything else appears normal.

Google Penalty Case study

After being hit with a Google Penalty, Chesterfield Couture didn’t rank within the top 100 results for their high-priority keyphrases, but we changed that in just 1 month, and we increased their visibility by 657% for a pool of targeted keyphrases in 6 months. Cumulatively, these keyphrases receive 111,260 searches a month in the UK.

On a limited budget, Chesterfield Couture needed to increase their visibility in search engines, drive more organic traffic and yielder higher conversions. Investing in SEO and improving their natural search visibility would mean they could decrease their PPC budget whilst still driving traffic.

Read the case study here.

How Can a Google Penalty Affect Your Website?


Google penalties can do drastic things to your website and business. At Float Digital, we offer up to the minute knowledge and expertise on all things algorithmic. We make it our business to protect hard-working brands from Google Penalties or reinstating your previous good name if you’ve been affected. Let us help you diagnose and repair, and watch your rankings, reach, traffic and sales soar again… Here are few common effects of a Google Penalty:

Google will show a warning message on your dashboard.


Some or all of your web pages will be de-indexed.

Your web pages and organic traffic will begin to decrease.

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