What is PPC advertising?

Let’s get back to basics. In simple terms, PPC or pay-per-click, is a form of internet advertising used to direct traffic to websites. With PPC, the advertisers pay a publisher (for instance, Google Adwords) a fee each time their advert is clicked on. By paying for every click, businesses are buying visits to their site, rather than directing them organically through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising. Advertisers can bid for ad placements for sponsored links on the search engines for the keywords which are relevant to their business. Each time the sponsored link is clicked on and a visitor is sent to a site, the business has to pay the search engine a small fee.

In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, research and time needs to go into choosing the right keywords and creating landing pages which are optimised for conversions when somebody is directed to the page.

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PPC Frequently Asked Questions

The above query is one of our most searched phrases over at Float HQ so we thought it was about time we cover a simple run down for you. We also like to go that extra mile (as with everything we do!) so thought we would break down a few more FAQs on the subject of PPC for you in the process!

If you’re thinking about running a PPC campaign for your business but are unsure about what it involves, the following PPC FAQs might just help.


What are Google AdWords?

The chances are you have heard of Google AdWords, the most popular form of PPC advertising. With AdWords, businesses create ads which appear on the Google search engine. When somebody searches on a relevant keyword to the business, the ad will appear on Google and if that person clicks on the ad and is taken to the website, the advertiser will pay Google a small fee.

What does Google AdWords cost? It is free to sign up to Google AdWords and a business only has to pay when someone clicks on the link and is taken to their site. The advertiser sets their own budget and can invest in anything from several thousand pounds to a couple of hundred. Pricing is flexible with Google AdWords, allowing advertisers to change their budget whenever they like. They can also pause, adjust or end the campaign at any time without accruing a cancellation fee.


Why should business use PPC marketing?

Running a PPC marketing campaign is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site and turn visitors into conversions. As well as being flexible, PPC is scalable and measurable, so you can see exactly what is working and what’s not working and tweak the campaign where necessary.


What type of businesses should be using PPC?

Virtually every type of business would benefit from PPC advertising, providing they have a website and an online presence. Businesses of all industries which are wanting to put their products and services in front of the right people by driving them to their website to sell more and grow their business, would benefit from a PPC campaign.

However, to make a PPC campaign successful, you will need to right keywords and landing pages to optimise conversions.

This is when getting the experts to run and manage a PPC campaign for you can prove fruitful. Having PPC experts like Float Digital can maximise your PPC results by finding the best types of PPC for your business, creating engaging advertising copy and carrying out efficient bidding to ensure your budget works harder.

When done correctly, this engaging form of internet marketing successfully helps to convert leads into sales quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Want to learn more? Check out our blog to discover how PPC and SEO can work together or get in touch with the Float Digital team to see how we can help.

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