Will My Organic Rankings Suffer If I Don’t Have a Blog?

Web logs, or blogs as they’re more commonly known, have become an inherent feature of the internet that we know and love today. They’re also a vital component of digital marketing, helping brands and individuals raise their online profile, reach out to their target audience and engage with those who matter.

Blogs can also have a significant impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Take a look how exactly a blog affects SEO and whether not having a blog will come at the detriment of your organic rankings.

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Search engines love a well-written blog!

Whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine you care to name, they all use complex algorithms to present what they consider to be the most relevant content for their visitors.

By regularly creating well-written, well-researched, informative and unique content on your blog, which naturally includes the keywords that are relevant to your sector and audience, the search engines will reward you for your efforts by displaying your brand’s knowledge and expertise on their pages.

By contrast, if you don’t have a blog, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to have your business rank on the search engines through fresh, thoughtful and relevant content.

How external links, which link back to your blog can rocket your rankings

External links refer to the practice of another website linking to your own site or blog. Or, if you place a link to external source on your own website, this is considered to be an external link. As Moz notes, external links are “the most important source of ranking power.”

In contrast to internal links, which go from one page a website to another page on the same website, external links hold much more weight in terms of SEO and rankings because the likes of Google and Yahoo deem them as a third-party vote in confidence for a website, thereby boosting its credibility.

Creating quality, unique and relevant blogs, which other websites would want to publish, would give your blog a boost in the rankings, as well as improving your online profile and helping you be seen as a credible, authoritative and leading figure in your field.

Again, if you haven’t got a blog, you’ll effectively miss out on the ranking opportunities external linking creates.

Blogger outreach and rankings

Given the ranking power of external linking, many digital marketing campaigns are involved in a strategy known as blogger outreach, which deliberately tries to get third-party sources to publish content that links to a brand’s blog.

The aim of blogger outreach campaigns is to get external links to quality websites that have hordes of followers and have a high domain authority (DA).

In short, the more influential and popular the blogs and sites that link back to your blog are, the higher Google et al will thank and rank you for it.

Without a blog, you can’t experiment and benefit from the organic ranking power creating and regularly updating a blog brings to businesses, brands and individuals.

The most exciting part of a blog is there are no limits on what you choose to write about. As long as it’s relevant, well-written, unique and engaging, the search engines will love you, as will your customers, clients and followers.

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